Jony Ive shakes up Apple’s software design group, iPhone interface creator Greg Christie departing

"Christie’s upcoming leave from Apple will mark one of the most significant design exits in several years and represents a complete changing of the guard for Apple’s software design style. Over the past two years, Scott Forstall and Christie will have both exited Apple, and Ive will have secured his position at Apple as the central product design decision maker for the foreseeable future in the post-Steve Jobs era.

While Apple’s executive shakeup in 2012 unlocked the silos separating hardware and software, this latest change will completely remove any internal boundaries between Apple’s hardware and software design and will likely result in even more well-integrated products."

It's a very big change and will be interesting to see which direction the next few major iOS releases go. I think I am in the minority when I say that I really liked iOS 7's design aesthetic when it launched so perhaps Sir Ive has everything in order and this is him tying up loose ends for the future.