Looking Ahead To Monday (A.K.A. WWDC '14)

Last year I wrote a pretty lengthy preview of WWDC on Facebook. It received many likes, but a few complaints as well, saying that such content didn't belong in Mark Zuckerberg's domain. After doing something similar for Google I/O, I pulled the trigger and started this blog, initially on Tumblr.

Fast forward 12 months and it's that time of year again, but unlike last year I think someone has done a much better job than me at expressing my own thoughts and done so before I could write it up. Also, now that I'm working full-time, this blog has unfairly been ignored for long stretches since December 2013. I hope to rectify this, but I won't make any false promises again, just honest intent.

Anyways, check out the latest episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP), especially the iOS 8 discussion where they discuss everything I want, but likely won't get in Apple's next mobile OS release. To be fair, we really don't know what's going on with iOS 8 since the focus will be on refinement and not another visual change. There has been talk of Healthbook but overall there's less certainty in general this year than 2013. 

For kicks, check out this iOS 8 concept that shows how Apple could implement widgets and it's bloody neat. I doubt it's going to happen anytime though and perhaps will be a jailbreak feature in the future if anything.