Sundar Pichai, Head of Google's Android, on Apple, Samsung, and Amazon

Tim Cook recently used the stage at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference to throw a few darts at Android. He said most users are running “ancient” versions of Android without the newest features. Is that fair?
You have to understand, what Apple (AAPL) does and what we do are such different things. They make … two models of the iPhone, which they get people to buy. We are shipping thousands of devices throughout the world. … It’s not an apples-to-apples [comparison].  Apple announced lots of great things in their keynote. They also announced things we have done in Android four or five years ago, [such as] third party keyboards, richer notifications, and widgets. These all happened in Android such a long time ago. If you step back and take a holistic look, I think any reasonable person would say Android is innovating at a pretty fast pace and getting it to users.

Not too shabby Mr. Pichai, but there's more:

Tim Cook said Android is a “toxic hell stew of vulnerabilities.” Care to respond?
You have to be careful when you make a $100,000 Mercedes (DAI:GR) car not to look at the rest of automotive industry and make comments on it. … We serve the entire breadth of the market, globally across all form factors, et cetera. Android from the ground up is designed to be very, very secure. … History shows typically that malware is also targeted at the more popular operating system. So you know there is that. Do we take security seriously? Yes. [In the Google Play app store,] we detect malware. If you are installing an app, we ask user’s permission. If they say “yes,” we scan it. Even if you are scanning anything outside of the Play store, we still detect and warn you if its malware. Every time I look at the data—across millions and millions of users’ phones—the data is encouraging.