Post-WWDC Keynote Opinion

WWDC is still ongoing for developers but the media has been churning out reaction to the keynote over the last three days. There has been a lot of regurgitation and summary, but I've come across some really good opinion pieces. Below I've collected what I've found to be the most interesting to me:

Growing Apple At WWDC by Ben Thompson

The new Apple: relaxed, playful, and trying to kill Google by Nilay Patel

Confidence by Craig Hockenberry

Apple’s war against Google has finally gotten interesting by Russell Holly

Meet the new Apple by Joshua Topolsky 

WWDC 2014 Thoughts by Chris Lacy

Bitter Medicine by Federico Viticci

Apple resurgent by Jan Dawson

While this post by "Underscore" David Smith was done in advance of WWDC, considering the nature of some of the iOS announcements in relation to what Android has "already done", I feel it's appropriate to link to it in this context. Warning: I am neither an Apple nor an Android fanboy, but I respect and use each platform equally.

This is the most important part of Underscore's piece:

Good copying learns from another’s innovation and then applies it in a novel way to a new context in a way that doesn't diminish the source invention.