Overcast Review by Federico Viticci

Unlike previous apps by Arment, Overcast doesn't usher in new App Store categories or trends (such as the Newsstand magazine or read later app), but it manages to augment the classic podcast client for iPhone with functionalities that I'm now missing from other podcast apps. Smart Speed, Twitter recommendations, and Voice Boost are great additions that I now expect from a podcast app and that seem obvious once you get used to them, even though they actually took several months to be built and perfected. These kinds of features and interface decisions that disappear in the background and become natural tenets of an app are hard to get right, as it's easy to get carried away and make them prominent to the point that friction becomes a problem. From an implementation standpoint, Arment did an amazing job with the audio engine and the balance between Overcast's geeky nature and mass appeal, its sophisticated design and intuitive interactions.

I can't wait to use this. Unfortunately, I just sold my iPhone 5 in anticipation of the "iPhone 6".