Analyst's Apple predictions for 2013

New iOS devices in short supply at launch isn’t anything new, but hey, at least we know what to expect.

As for a new iPad mini, Kuo claims that Apple will not update its 7.9-inch tablet this calendar year. However, Kuo discusses two new iPad minis being in the pipeline: a Retina Display model and a cheaper iPad mini with the A5 chip (found in the current iPad mini). Kuo does not see this new A5 model launching until next year because production is said to not begin until December. He also does not think it will be much cheaper to build than the current model. As for the Retina model, that device will reportedly include an A7 chip, a flurry of redesigned internal components, and a March/April 2014 debut.

The new iPad mini rumor is interesting but I don’t see the need to release two versions in such quick succession. Having a non-retina update doesn’t really add anything since the current iPad mini is only missing the retina display. Given today’s technological constraints, I don’t think the battery technology is there yet to power a retina display in a package of that size. They should just wait until it’s ready and not be forced by the market to release something for the sake of having something “new” available, something Apple has done well over the years. The rest of the product line is pretty straightforward.