AnandTech's Reviews of the iPhone 5c & iPhone 5s

When it comes to reviewing smartphones and tablets these days, no one does it better than AnandTech in my opinion. The reviews for the 5c and 5s are both fairly long, but you’re not going to get as much valuable, objective information on these two devices anywhere else on the web. If you’re that interested in either phone, take half an hour to an hour out of your day and read the respective review. The extent of the details they go into regarding the 64-bit architecture of the A7 SoC for example is mind blowing.

I love their work, partly because I write pretty long thought pieces myself, but mainly because, after I read an AnandTech gadget review, I go to other blogs to soley read their final opinions on the respective device. Perhaps for the masses, these reviews aren’t the most relatable and they are better off reading The Verge or Engadget, but as a geek, you cannot go wrong in the hands of Anand Lal Shimpi and Brian Klug.