Android has 43% of the smartphone market share in Canada

Another interesting stat in the report reveals that “mobile subscribers grew by 6% in Canada year over year,” now topping over 23 million. This number could be a bit skewed as the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) reports the number of wireless subscribers in Canada is now over 27 million. In addition, the adoption of smartphones continues to rise in Canada, now representing 72% of total mobile subscribers.

Like the article suggests, it’s not a decline in Apple’s market share rather an increase in the amount of Canadian smartphone users, a trend that will continue over the coming few years. 9 million iPhones sold in 3 days does not, for one second, imply Apple is in any trouble here or anywhere else around the world where they choose to be. It’s a good time for smartphones in general, a world where two frontrunners can co-exist and get what they each want. Google via Android wants as many users using the internet to maximize ad revenue and Apple wants to own profit share. As Tim Cook correctly said, there’s room for both strategies to co-exist successfully.