AT&T's Next phone upgrade plans are a huge ripoff

The big differences with AT&T’s Next plan are that it costs anywhere from $15 to $50 a month depending on which phone you buy, and also that it’s an absolutely clear ripoff designed to cheat customers into paying full price for their phone without actually buying anything.

What else do you expect from Big Telecom?

Now, you do get to keep your Next phone if you pay 20 monthly installments, which will cost you a whopping $1,040 if you assume a $20 subsidy: $640 in Next payments, plus $400 in subsidies built into your AT&T plan. That’s $420 in pure profit for AT&T, which just made you pay full price for a phone while charging you inflated service prices that include a subsidy specifically designed to lower the upfront cost of that phone.

This is really becoming sickening. If you aren’t tech savvy or aware of what’s going on, you’re effectively going to be scammed out of hundreds of dollars, which unfortunately means most of AT&T’s customers. Won’t be surprised if Verizon and Bell and Rogers in Canada follow suit, an utterly depressing thought.