Ditch the Wristbands: For Next Generation of Wearables, Dumb Clothes Get Smart

These are the guys Chamath Palihapitiya was talking about in his interview with Scoble that I linked to yesterday. It’s funny because the video is actually from September and it turns out I happened to come across it a day before their public announcement. Though Athos is based in Silicon Valley, I’m still proud of UW for helping produce this kind of technical talent. 

For $200, assuming their accuracy, the potential data these sensors can generate make it well worth the money, especially given the trend towards “the quantified self”.

My buddy Mostafa was actually their classmate and he’s the one who pointed me to this article, so credit to him for doing so. TechCrunch also has a good write-up on Athos that you can check out, again courtesy of Mostafa.