Dropbox takes on iCloud with cloud syncing for any app

Apps like password manager 1Password use a file synced with your Dropbox folder to keep its desktop app and mobile apps all on the same page. With the API announced today, such syncing will be much easier to implement and presumably more reliable. Because of this, we will likely see cloud syncing in more apps going forward, hopefully meaning a future where you don’t lose game saves every time you get a new Android phone isn’t so far off. Even better, with Dropbox’s vision you’ll be able to pick up a game save you started on an Android phone on your iPad.

Dropbox is making some serious moves to dominate online services, both front and back-end, which Apple is floundering in for now. Google is fairly good for its own services, but Dropbox is looking to build a true, ubiquitous platform for anyone and everyone, which is the way to do it.