Falcon Pro for Twitter pulled from Play Store after hitting token limit for third time, developer mulls killing project

This has become a problem for all third party Twitter clients on all platforms since the new API guidelines and restrictions were introduced last year. It wouldn’t be such an issue if Twitter’s own apps were at least on par with the features these developers provide, but it’s not even close.

I completely understand taking control of your platform, but not at the expense of your users. Maybe Twitter thinks that the power users who need features that Falcon Pro or Tweetbot for iOS & Mac OS X provide are too small of a group to make any difference to their perception by the average user and ultimately their bottom line.

My view is that, in general, if you piss off any portion of your user base, regardless of size, it has repercussions, but given Twitter’s sheer mass and momentum, I don’t think it will matter in this case. It seems that the inevitable fate of third party Twitter clients is that of the Dodo, which makes me sad.