Google Glass Will Fail.

Google Glass will add a significant burden to my life, and it’s unclear what the advantages are. I’m going to look weird. I don’t wear glasses. It’s not replacing anything, it’s going to be IN ADDITION to what I have. With google glass I’m going to have two ways to take pictures, two ways to see if I have any new messages, two ways to do X. It may do some things better than my phone, but it isn’t replacing my phone.

It’s early days in wearable computing and maybe this is a reaction to not fully understanding it, but to a certain extent I get where he’s coming from. 

My view is that at least someone is doing something in this field that is not an experiment locked away in the lab without any chance of seeing the light of day; Google wants to sell Glass to “normal” people, possibly next year. Whether it fails or not isn’t the question, it’s whether Google has provided a solid foundation for the next generation in personal computing.