Google just pulled a "Facebook Home"€

If Google was going to stop here, there is no way it would need to merge Google Search and the Launcher into a single app. Android has begun a slow, gradual transformation into a Google Now device. Just like Facebook, Google wants to change the way you use your phone from an app-centric device to a device that revolves around its core product, but unlike Facebook, Google has the install base and clout with OEMs to make it happen. Remember, if OEMs want to ship any Google Apps, they need to ship all the Google apps, so Google Home will most likely be included on every Android device. It won’t necessarily be enabled by default on something like a Samsung device, but that’s nothing some light badgering in the Search app won’t fix (“For a better search experience, enable Google Home!”). Expect to see much more Google Now integration in the future.

Fascinating read!