Google: No Factory Image Or Proprietary Binary Hosting For Google Play Edition One Or S4, OEMs Will Handle OTAs

I would get one of these, but still have a Nexus device around. It’s a personal choice and I know I belong to the less-than-one-percent category, but the need for almost instantaneous software updates is my kryptonite. However, it is premature to come to conclusions until we see what actually happens during that first upgrade cycle, likely with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Google having a distinct “Google Edition” device program versus the existing Nexus program is a good thing for Android as an ecosystem. It’s way better than the current carrier model where subsidies rule with severely delayed and often bloated, ugly software. Now you can buy an experience that arguably has both premium hardware and software, depending on your view of “Stock" Android. $600+ may seem like a lot of money to drop in one go, but the flexibility is worth it. Why? You will more than likely end up paying much more over the life of a 2-3 year contract anyway and still be locked to the same device during that time.

These two devices may not be exactly for me, but it’s the next best thing…which is the best thing for almost everyone…except, maybe, me. Wow, I need help.