How Googley is Nexus 5 Exactly?

Integration could have made the Nexus 5 the best mobile experience for photography by far, a total integration home run for Google. The updated version of Snapseed should be integrated into Google+ and the Google+ Android app. The Google+ app should be the sole photo app in Android and the one connected to the camera feature. The Gallery and Photos apps should be buried in the Google graveyard next to Reader and Checkout.

Nexus 5 and KitKat represent the total failure of integration around photography. And this is weird, because Google+ represents the best experience with photography ever. Auto Backup, Auto Awesome, Auto Awesome Action, Auto Awesome Erase, Snapseed and all the other best-in-class, unmatchable features should be the standard, single default experience for photography on the Nexus 5.

I completely agree and it’s sad because it seems Google finally got the hardware right on a Nexus device. Still, at least it’s “fixable” by updating the software, unlike the Nexus 4 for example. I’m sure Google is working on it, right guys?