iOS 7 and the State of Podcast Apps

The point is, I don’t think I would necessarily call any of the current podcast apps the “best one” right now. They’re all going through a phase of change and experimentation, like a kind of adolescence — all the kids are going through it, and there’s no telling what the mature results will be like until the awkward phase is over. A painful analogy? Maybe, but I’m sticking with it.

Right now, the new Pocket Casts app is my favourite and go to on both iOS and Android, especially because of the cross-platform sync. However, I am really excited for Marco Arment's Overcast app. Why? Because he has become a prolific podcaster and is damn good at making iOS applications. It is important to note that this churn is not just the case with podcasting apps, but almost all app categories on iOS right now.