Is T-Mobile's new Jump plan a good deal?

It’s probably fair to say that Jump isn’t always better than your other options for upgrading your phone — it’s just different. If you’re confident you’ll take advantage of the plan twice a year, every year, it’s worth looking into. If you’re the kind of person who likes to have upgrade freedom without the hassle of selling used phones, or if you’re prone to breaking your devices, it’s definitely worth a look. But if you just want to upgrade your iPhone or Galaxy device every summer like clockwork, you might be better off saving your $10 every month and just making Craigslist sales part of your yearly ritual.

It’s an option worth having, especially when the alternative is to be chained to a 2-3 contract. At least someone’s trying something new, even if it isn’t as radical as some may want. Although, I hear that T-Mobile’s coverage overall is pretty bad.

We don’t have anything close to this in Canada, except maybe Virgin Mobile or Fido. But then again Bell and Rogers, respectively, are behind them and who’d want to trust those two with anything.