Kings of Tiny Kingdoms

Multiple Android ROMs (and closer to home, Android recoveries) exist because different projects have different goals. They aren’t necessarily better than each other. And I’ve long lost interest in participating in the tiresome debates and launching thinly veiled attacks in comments (and apparently presentations). Every project has their own use case, their own driving itch; let them scratch it. Ultimately, every user is given a choice as to what software they want to run on their device. And that is a Good Thing.

So, while everyone else is warring over who is the King of a Tiny Kingdom, I’ve been more interested in making the kingdom bigger. Most users think that when you buy a Samsung, an HTC, a Chromecast, or a Kindle, they are making their choice at the checkout counter. They believe they are buying an appliance, an unchangeable toaster. But what is really being purchased is a general purpose computer. A user’s choice shouldn’t end at the counter; that’s where it begins.