Massive Google Search 3.1.8 Update Rolling Out, Brings Google Experience Launcher To All 4.1+ Devices

Yesterday, when Google announced that Android 4.4 KitKat was going to be rolling out to Nexus tablets, a somewhat large controversy began brewing on the web, especially Google+, because screen grabs from the official update revealed that the Google Experience Launcher was not included in the update; the OS just about looked like previous versions of Jelly Bean.

I too was caught up in the excitement and it upset me, which was stupid and unnecessary because I forgot that the launcher was now included in the Google Search app. And lo and behold, today Google updated that particular app with the launcher baked into it for all 4.1+ devices. The only catch is that for any device not on 4.4, you have to sideload an APK that lets you choose your default launcher, a feature currently only available on KitKat. I’m guessing that when your devices receive the latest version of Android, everything will be seamless, i.e. no “hacking” required. You can download the Google Search APK directly from the article or wait for Google to push it to you.

I wanted to also link to a post on G+ by Russell Holly who basically called out everyone who became hysterical after the KitKat rollout announcement and listed the only people, in his opinion, that you should trust when it comes to Android news; I agree with that list wholeheartedly.