Nexus 5 vs. Galaxy S4 - Camera Test Comparison

I’m extremely impressed by the Nexus 5’s camera. Joshua Topolsky and Nilay Patel's initial impressions on this week's Vergecast seem to be off, but I guess they didn’t get enough time with it then. It’s definitely not as good as the iPhone 5 or 5s but it looks like it can compete well against the top Android incumbents. One of the biggest issues with the Nexus line for me seems to have been finally resolved and I hope it just gets better in the coming years.

Update: Android Central has posted some pictures taken with the Nexus 5 and I’m just feeling better and better. Also, Myriam Joire, former gadget reviewer for Engadget, has taken some pictures and posted them to her Google+ page. Overall, I think I’ll finally be able to put my iPhone 5 in the drawer and not worry when I’m taking serious pictures that I left it at home. But, I will have to use the thing before making a final judgement.