Nike's no-Android stance on FuelBand is a huge mistake

I get where they’re coming from, but if they want to compete with other fitness devices like ones made by Jawbone, Fitbit and co., it’s a tough sell to ignore Android altogether. Then again they may be following Apple’s approach and simply targeting a certain percentage of the market where they can make good enough margins to ensure this product line is viable for the company.

Unlike the aforementioned companies, this isn’t a part Nike’s core business, at least for now. However, this category of devices is growing and has massive potential, enough for Nike to regret not being on Android. As an Android fan, I’d love to see FuelBands supported by the platform, but I’m content with my Fitbit One for now, even though only some Android phones are supported in terms of untethered Bluetooth syncing for now. Regardless, the bottom line is:

While some of the issues with Android are valid, the market is moving to a point where companies and developers can no longer ignore Google’s blockbuster platform. For Nike to keep doing so is tantamount to burying its head in the sand.

Update: John Gruber has a rebuttal to this article and I completely get where he’s coming from, but it’s a short term concern. Android manufacturers will, sooner rather than later, get their shit together and ship devices with properly functioning Bluetooth (LE) capability. I hold my view that in the long term, Nike should reverse it’s current position on this matter.