Pocket Casts for iOS 7 Review by Federico Viticci

My absolute go-to podcast client on Android since their 4.0 update earlier this year has finally landed on iOS 7, re-built from scratch for Apple’s new release. I’ve been bugging the Shifty Jelly team for months on Twitter about when it would launch as well as unsuccessfully trying to get in on the beta once I caught wind of it.

This is a very in-depth review by the ever-thorough Federico Viticci and covers every nook and cranny of the app. My favourite part is a small touch in the ‘Now Playing’ view:

The controls and fonts are color-coded to match the podcast’s artwork. This is a sweet touch that keeps the app consistent but still adds some personality to each podcast view without overdoing it.

If you’re even remotely into podcasts and are on iOS, this is $3.99 well spent!