Quit! #40: Getting Through the Door

Just as Dan shouldn’t waste time interviewing a candidate who lives in Alaska and won’t move to Austin for the job, applicants shouldn’t waste time interviewing for a position that can only offer a salary far too low for them to accept. Therefore, it’s in both parties’ best interests for the employer to specify the salary range in the job posting.

If you see a job listing that doesn’t specify a salary range, assume it’s so low that they’re embarrassed to include it, they don’t respect you enough to tell you, or their heads are so far up their asses that they think you should just be dying to work there at any salary, none of which bode well for employment there.

I admire and respect both men, but I also disagree with many of the things both say or write from time to time. On this issue, I must side with Marco and respectively disagree with Dan. However, unlike Marco, I am not at all irritated; I learned something from both.