The Only iPad Air Review You Need To Read

When it comes to mobile device reviews these days, AnandTech simply kills it. They’re the John Siracusa of gadget reviews. There’s no stone unturned and everything is meticulously examined. As a geek I absolutely love reading Anand or Brian digging into these phones and tablets with no mercy. 

On the other hand, if you are not as technology savvy, you may be overwhelmed and are better off reading one by a gadget blog like Engadget and The Verge or an Apple focused blogger like Jim Dalrymple. They’re equally good and I like knowing their perspectives, but for me there isn’t enough technical detail to “satisfy my needs”. MacRumors has a good roundup of all the first round reviews of the iPad Air.

Regardless, I think this is the best 10-inch tablet on the market now, especially because of the lighter and smaller design, but I would buy an iPad mini; I just think that that form factor is best for me.