Victor Oladipo's NBA Draft through the lens of Google Glass

It’s not exactly clear why the NBA decided that Victor shouldn’t wear Glass at the draft, but it’s disappointing; only an incredibly select few know what it’s like to walk up the stairs and across that stage to shake David Stern’s hand as your life changes forever, and Victor’s first-person video would have given the rest of us a glimpse of that moment. It would have been amazing. But Glass is weird and new, and the NBA is not known for loving weird and new; the league was the first major US sports organization to adopt a formal dress code, and it has fined players for wearing unapproved sweaters. Funky glasses with a built-in camera didn’t really stand a chance.

This would have been pretty epic if he was allowed to wear them during the whole thing. Wearable technology, especially with some sort of recording capability, will take time to become an accepted societal norm, like camera phones back in the day. Regardless of when, it will happen eventually, whether or not Google Glass in particular is at the forefront of this movement at that time.