Why does Tim Cook keep talking about new Apple products?

Apple’s been delivering almost nonstop product growth across the iPhone and iPad businesses for years now, and investors are clamoring to hear that there’s another rocket ride to come as some of that growth appears to be tapering. That might be unfair or shortsighted — Apple’s almost certain to have a strong holiday quarter of sales with new iPads and iPhones in stores — but there’s no denying that Cook and his team have carefully laid the foundation for an entry into a new market.

The only real questions are whether Apple decides to deliver on that foundation in 2014 — and which new product category it decides to enter.

Bingo! This conversation actually started off on Twitter last night and it’s good to see a formal write-up on the matter. Apple will continue to sell massive amounts of iPhones and iPads regardless of how worried Wall Street is. It’s foolish to write them off now because the iPhone 5c is ‘just a colourful iPhone 5’ or the 5s ‘still only has a 4 inch screen’.

Judge them on the new markets and device categories they enter going forward, not on a perceived slowdown in growth in a relatively mature market that Apple has dominated for a while and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, at least at the high-end. I do personally think that the 5s should have had a bigger screen and that iOS 7 should have included features like rich actionable notifications and inter-app communication, but that does not for one second doom Apple.