Why I Moved Back to the Waterloo Region

To classify what is going on in Waterloo Region as just a story about BlackBerry is truly a mischaracterization and missing the bigger picture. Yes, it is definitely a blow to the community. There will be some talent that relocates, but the majority of the talent will join a new workforce of many other established or up and coming technology companies in the area. Whenever you have major job losses there are negative impacts to real people and their families. That said, there is a far bigger story emerging. Waterloo Region will continue to contribute to the world technology scene. As with any environment, we will naturally see some ebbs and flows. It will take some time to digest and chart a new path forward, but the community and the infrastructure that have been set into motion are rock solid. The world is watching, and Waterloo Region is ready to step up to the plate once again and deliver. 

Hell yeah!