With Flashy Pogue Deal and Couric Video Show on Deck, Marissa Mayer’s Content Strategy Emerges

Nabbing big names seems to be a key priority for Mayer and strengthening its online video efforts has been a recent key focus for Mayer in reviving Yahoo’s fortunes, along with mobile, and sources said that she has talked a lot internally about creating some kind of competitor to Google’s YouTube. Yahoo already tried unsuccessfully to buy France’s Dailymotion, and has since been mulling other major acquisitions in the space.

Mayer has waded into the arena herself in her two video presentations of Yahoo’s earnings that have been formulated in a news-broadcast style. Perhaps most amusingly, sources said she is considering a studio audience for her next such outing (but will they cheer for declining revenue and profits?).

Mayer has also stressed the intent to make video a “primary area of investment over the next year.” It’s not just for jazz-hands purposes; video ads are a big area of revenue growth online as traditional graphical ads fade.

Interesting read. If anything, Yahoo has re-entered the general tech conversion since Mayer took over, so she seems to have something going for her. It’ll be fascinating to see where she takes the company over the next 2-3 years.